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Secured Truck Door
Secured Truck Door Exterior
Locking Security Box

Essential Security Features in Champaign, IL

Secure Transport Tailored To Your Needs

Our vehicles are equipped with top of the line security features to keep your shipment safe. Security features include:

➣ Full Front Composite Partition behind Driver/Passenger Seats
➣ Full Rear Steel-Reinforced 2-Door Locking Partition
➣ Reinforced Container Sides and Headliner
➣ Steel Cage with Walls, Roof, Flooring, and Rear Locking Door
➣ Locking Security Box
➣ LED Cargo Interior Lighting
➣ All Side Cargo Doors Disabled From Exterior Access
➣ Alarm System
➣ GPS/Geofencing
➣ Security/Camera/DVR
➣ Rear Loading Safe
➣ Side Container Door Access