Staffing Strategy: Police & Veterans

We know transportation and security, and we know that the best way to keep secure transport safe is to start with the right staff. We are proud to employ veterans and police as secure transportation agents.  We work closely with local and state police to find candidates who are retiring from the police force or looking to pick up extra shifts. We believe that off-duty and retired police and veterans represent the most secure and experienced candidates available.

Secure Transport Tailored To Your Needs

Our vehicles are equipped with top of the line security features to keep your shipment safe. Security features include:

  • Full front composite partition behind driver/passenger seats
  • Full rear steel-reinforced 2-door locking partition
  • Reinforced container sides and headliner
  • Steel cage with walls, roof, flooring, and rear locking door
  • Locking security box
  • LED cargo interior lighting
  • All side cargo doors disabled from exterior access
  • Alarm system
  • GPS/geofencing
  • Security/camera/dvr
  • Rear loading safe
  • Side container door access

The Benefits of Working With Police & Veterans

The greatest benefit of working with retired and off-duty police and veterans is that they are excellent sources of human security. These individuals are trained to be vigilant at all times, seeking out anomalies in human behavior and environment that may indicate threats to security. They are well-versed in self-defense should the need to protect themselves arise, and they are familiar with in-depth security protocols and the importance of being certain that security protocols are followed perfectly.